Full cycle mobile audit platform based on checklists

What is it?

When working with a large staff of employees, you probably faced the problem of monitoring the execution of tasks. The solution for many companies is such services as checkton.

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this is a service for auditing the work of employees through check lists.
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to-do or task checklist to complete or check
Checklists in the application

The mobile application reminds of tasks and deadlines, helps in the execution process and notifies of the results with a report.

How to use it?

You can create your own checklist, taking into account the necessary parameters for controlling the workflow, and then upload it to the service for further use. Or you can pick up a ready-made checklist from the list of proposed ones.

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Thanks to the service, you optimize the process of monitoring the work of employees and facilitate communication within the company.

All check lists are collected by categories, so you don't have to search for the desired sphere for a long time.

What are the benefits ?

automation of the control process

information reliability guarantee

a high-quality selection of checklists in various areas

the ability to obtain analytical information about the work performed

workflow control

possibility of scheduling checks for employees

has a convenient user interface

the ability to brand the checklist by inserting your logo

What can the service do ?
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Create check sheets for planning and monitoring the work of the contractor
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Check the status of objects by various parameters and store photos / videos
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Create one-time and regular tasks and receive progress notifications
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Distribute tasks between employees, assign tasks to a group of performers
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Maintain a list of tasks